Too Long Have We Bowed to the Flashy Mencace of UI/UX Design

My friends, we are gathered here today to address the biggest threat to our online experience: CSS and JavaScript. These technologies are the scourge of the internet, the very embodiment of chaos and confusion. Think about it - every time you visit a website filled with excessive styles and dynamic elements, don't you feel overwhelmed and frustrated? Doesn't it take you longer to find what you're looking for, and doesn't it make your browser sluggish and slow? Plus with CSS you can use all kinds of woke colors that they want your kids to be seeing. And what's worse, these technologies are responsible for turning the internet into a never-ending cycle of updates and patches. Every time you turn around, there's a new version of CSS or JavaScript, and web developers are constantly scrambling to keep up. It's madness, I tell you - pure, unadulterated madness! But we can change this. We can take a stand against the forces of complexity and clutter, and embrace a simpler, more straightforward way of building websites. We can go back to basics, to the pure and unadulterated form of the internet - plain old HTML. With HTML, we can create websites that are easy to navigate, fast to load, and not WOKE. We can strip away all the unnecessary bells and whistles of UX design, and focus on what really matters - the content. CSS and JavaScript are not only responsible for creating cluttered and chaotic websites, but they also represent a grave threat to our privacy and security. Through JavaScript, the media is able to track our every move online, collecting data about our habits, preferences, and personal information. They use this data to manipulate us, to control our behavior, and to invade our privacy. We must reject these tools and demand a simpler, more transparent web experience. We must resist the seductive allure of flashy UI/UX design and embrace a more humble, more honest approach. Only then can we truly be free from the insidious reach of the media and their nefarious plans. So I urge you, my followers, to join me in this noble cause. Let us rise up against the tyranny of CSS and JavaScript, and embrace the pure and simple beauty of HTML. Together, we can make the internet a better place for all.